10 Steps to Managing Fundraising in A Recession

Steps to Managing Fundraising in a Recession

Part one: getting the board on the right page… 3
Introduction… 3
Who should read this White Paper… 4
The role of management and the board… 4
You as a donor… 4
What the board need to know… 5
The right information… 5
Return on investment / cost of fundraising… 6
Part one: summary… 9
Part two: overview… 9
Pareto Fundraising: boards and management… 9

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

SEMINAR: 60 minutes – by Hubspot

How to Build an Effective Landing Page

How to Build an Effective Landing Page



Section 1: Introduction to Landing Pages 3
What is a Landing Page? 4
Landing Pages Generate Leads 5
Contact Us Pages Are Not the Best 6
Glossary: Key Terms for Landing Pages 7

Section 2: How to Build an Effective Landing Page 10
The Headline 11
The Content of the Page 12
Meta Descriptions & Keywords 14
Share Links 15
Hidden Navigation 15
The Form 16
Thank-You Page & Email Responder 20
One More Glance 22
Always Be Testing 22

Section 3: Conclusion & Additional Resources 24
Conclusion 25
Additional Resources 26

22 Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofit Organizations.

22 Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofit Organizations.

25 Ways to Increase Social Media Followers

Social media can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re starting from scratch without any followers on your profiles. Building a following does take time, but there are many simple ways you can attract new followers.

Here are 25 easy ways you can get more social media followers:

1. Enable Social Sharing

Add buttons to your blog and even other website pages that allow visitors to share your content on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Some services like Tweetmeme allow you to add RT @YOURUSERNAME to the end of each tweet shared from your site, so that would help you get more followers.

2. Share Quality Content

If you have high-quality and interesting content on your social media profiles, you’re more likely to get more followers than if you were tweeting purely self-promotional updates.

3. Get Employees to Follow

Tell your employees to follow/like/subscribe to your social media profiles. People are more likely to follow pages that already have some sort of following, so your employees will help build your initial numbers.

4. Invite Partners, Vendors, Clients, and Customers

Send a friendly and personalized email to anyone you have a business relationship with, including partners, vendors, clients, and customers, letting them know about your social media profiles.

5. Email Signature

Add links to your company’s social media profiles in your company email signature. Create a signature template that includes these links and encourage your coworkers to use this signature as well.
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